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As a single mom, I've made my fair share of mistakes and I'm not shy about sharing them. One area I fell short in is preparing my children for emergencies - but it's not too late for you to avoid my mistake. This episode sheds light on the critical importance of teaching our children how to handle crises. From knowing when to dial 911, understanding their full names, addresses, and phone numbers, to dealing with situations like house fires, break-ins and the disturbing rise in sex trafficking, we cover it all.

My personal shortcomings have led to this frank and heartfelt discussion, serving as a reminder that these crucial lessons need to be an integral part of our parenting, not just for the present, but as a legacy for our children when they become parents. So, whether you're a seasoned listener or a first-time visitor to our Single Moms United podcast, this episode is an essential guide to equipping your children with the knowledge and tools to confront challenging situations. As single moms, we shoulder the responsibility to arm our children for the unexpected. Let's continue to learn and grow together, supporting each other in our journey as single moms.

It's not how you arrived at the title, but what you do with it.

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