What makes a dad different from a father? How can single moms navigate the complexities of fatherhood and co-parenting? Join us in this special Father's Day episode as we dive into the distinctions between a father and a dad, and the importance of recognizing the roles they play in a child's life. From understanding the impact of generational curses to embracing the additional responsibilities single moms often take on when a father figure is absent, we shed light on the challenges and joys of parenting. Listen in as we discuss the characteristics of a true dad – one who is present, involved, and emotionally supportive – and how a father can transform into a dad, even later in life. We also share our thoughts on wishing single moms a "Happy Father's Day" and encourage those who find themselves in this position to let their child's father be a part of their lives, if they genuinely want to. After all, it's not just about the title – it's about the love, care, and commitment that goes into raising a child. So let's celebrate and support each other on this journey, because we are all in this together! https://singlemomsunitedpodcast.com/ (https://singlemomsunitedpodcast.com/) It's not how you arrived at the title, but what you do with it. Episode link: https://play.headliner.app/episode/15318676?utm_source=youtube (video made with https://www.headliner.app)

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