Struggling to find your footing on the solo journey of motherhood? You're not alone. In our latest heart-to-heart, I unpack the transformative power of setting clear expectations for ourselves and our children. It's a conversation filled with shared experiences and practical steps, like embracing the simple act of a daily walk, to help clear the fog and build a vibrant future. We explore how a structured life with purposeful goals can elevate our spirits and teach our little ones the value of responsibility, turning the chaos into a harmonious symphony of growth and self-discovery. But what happens when our kids hit a few sour notes along the way? In a world buzzing with digital distractions, our children crave our undivided attention now more than ever. I reveal how dedicating just one golden hour daily, devoid of screens and interruptions, can open doors to understanding and resolving their behavioral challenges. It's not only about fixing problems but also fortifying the bonds we share with our children. So join me, lean in, and let’s foster the deep connections that create a healthy, joyful, and flourishing home life. ( It's not how you arrived at the title, but what you do with it. Episode link: (video made with

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