Join me as we peel back the layers of parenthood, revealing the raw, beautiful truth about raising children. The journey has been a winding one for me, and I am thrilled to share my experiences, missteps, and triumphs as a single mom. One of our main focuses will be emotions. We delve into the necessity of teaching our children about feelings, how to express and handle them. Remember, none of us are perfect, but by tapping into our emotions and sharing our wisdom, we can strive to be the best parents possible. As parents, we aren't just here to coddle and protect; we're here to equip our kids with the knowledge and tools they need to take on life's challenges. We'll also touch on the crucial lessons of respect and gratitude, and how crucial it is to teach kids to cope with disappointment. As a single mom, I've learned that our role is dynamic - we are not just nurturers but mentors, educators, and cheerleaders. I invite you to take this journey with me, navigating the hurdles and joys of parenting together. ( It's not how you arrived at the title, but what you do with it. Episode link: (video made with

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